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Frequently Asked Questions

What is reported and how depends on the type of search being conducted. For detailed information on each search we conduct, please visit our Reporting Details page.
Knowing that the person you are hiring or placing in a tenant agreement coincides with their character, education, experience, and/or credit score requirements is important. Conducting a pre-employment or pre-tenant agreement background check assists in determining if the information in an application is accurate and complete, which allows you to determine if the candidate meets all of your selection criteria. Employers and landlords that spend the small amount of time and money prior to finalizing an agreement, assists in great cost and time savings by utilizing consumer reports as part of the selection process. Little things, like confirming work history, criminal records and credit scores can make a big difference in understanding more details about your candidates; allowing you to further evaluate the credibility and stability of your candidate.
Whether you are collecting information for employment or tenant agreement the report you receive is called a consumer report. Various things can be included in a consumer report such as; Credit History, County Criminal searches, Sex Offender Registry, Drug Screening, Previous Employment and Education Verifications, or any of our other offered services (please refer to our Employment Services page for more detailed information) giving you the data you need to make an informed decision.
A notification email will be sent to the requester with a secure link to access your account with all report data. You can also always log into your client portal and see the status of report results in real time.
Some of our searches are available on a real-time basis and will be instant results. Typical turn-around time is anywhere from 1-3 business days. In some cases, a court search may be “clerk assisted” which can delay turn-around time on such searches. A CRCA associate can give you a detailed explanation on turnaround times for various counties.
Becoming part of the CRCA family of clients is easy. Contact us via email, phone or our Request a Demo and an account specialist will meet with you to introduce you to our secure, user friendly system. Our account specialists will work with you to determine the best package plans and pricing for your account. We will send you an agreement to review and sign electronically or traditionally. Our agreements have no term limits, unless otherwise agreed upon, meaning we 100% stand behind our customer satisfaction guarantee! You will then be assigned a dedicated account manager that will be available to assist you with your account anytime. Now you are ready to order. Really, it’s that easy!