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How Long is Too Long?

Most people are confused with the background screening process and are left with more questions than answers. Often, the subject of concern for a background check is the turnaround time for a consumer report.

In reality, there is no reason for you to wait more than 2-4 business days for a criminal report – stave from unforeseen circumstances (natural disasters, holidays, etc.). There are approximately 3,200 different counties within the United States of America and 70% – and growing – are switched over to electronic means of communication. This means that time spent between background screeners and the court system itself is exponentially faster and continues to get faster when coupled with efficiency from a perceptive background screener.

CRCA has court-runners within every county in the country to keep up with the incoming circulation of reports. We vet our court-runners to be the fastest in the area to keep a consistent turnaround time for our criminal reports. We take pride in our turnaround time and self-audit monthly to maintain our standards.

Don’t let slow turnaround time keep you from hiring the right staff.

Ask yourself: “How Long is Too Long?”.

If your answer is the latter, challenge our system with our flagship turnaround time.

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