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Is Your Business Protected?

Most business professionals would agree that good business practice is to develop core values that define the business landscape and those values permeate throughout your corporate culture. Protecting your business from hires that could compromise the culture being created and possibly create legal liability is important for the success of any business.

Hiring candidates that fit your culture is key and knowing a person is honest about their criminal, education and employment history is important for hiring candidates with integrity. Conducting a pre-employment background check helps safeguard your business from ineligible hires with unforeseen criminal backgrounds, unverified education or potentially falsified employment history.

Staying compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act can be a daunting task and CRCA is your go to specialist for all related federal, state, national and international regulatory compliance. CRCA is committed to assisting you in your hiring process by offering our easy to use online ordering system that allows you to track your candidate through the hiring or adverse action process.  When a dispute occurs with our dedicated compliance officers are ready to assist both client and applicant through the process expeditiously and thoroughly.

Safeguard your business by implementing an easy and compliant background screening process today.

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