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How Long is Too Long?

Most people are confused with the background screening process and are left with more questions than answers. Often, the subject of concern for a background check is the turnaround time for a consumer report. In reality, there is no reason for you to wait more than 2-4 business days for a criminal report – stave…
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Is Your Business Protected?

Most business professionals would agree that good business practice is to develop core values that define the business landscape and those values permeate throughout your corporate culture. Protecting your business from hires that could compromise the culture being created and possibly create legal liability is important for the success of any business. Hiring candidates that fit your culture is key and…
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The CRCA Trifecta

Much like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for an individual, certain needs must be met to have a functioning relationship between a background screening company and the client. Quite simply, customer service, turnaround time and compliance are necessary for a successful campaign into background screening. Do you have all of the aforementioned fulfilled? Let us take a look into what each…
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